The characteristic features Diabetic

Diabetes is a disease that can lead to anyone can experience, many people that can occur because of fatal someone. Diabetes or commonly referred to diabetes because the disease can be caused by the uncontrolled on existing levels of sugar in the blood.

Blood sugar or glucose is commonly referred to himself as building on a network of cells to the formation of muscle, but in excessive glucose will be more at risk of developing problems because of their interference with the existing buildup of blood flow in the body. Certainly not alien at all in Patients with Diabetic these can be caused by an unhealthy lifestyle so many people who are frail experiencing a higher risk for stroke disease attacks and get here.

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Many people who always underestimate of the existence of this disease, so not everyone take precautions accordingly. The many types of diseases that can occur in Patients with Diabetic this, for it to perform the way so as not aggravate your health consult your doctor.

Maybe you just noticed the presence of diabetes in your body, and it turns out doctors have shown that you have have it for a long time. Diabetes can be detected by the appearance of disease in ourselves. Here are some of the symptoms of diabetes you need to know.
The characteristic features Diabetic

Diabetic patients are part of diabetes, Diabetic patients have many people who frighten him, because it will lead to someone’s death phase. If you do not perform properly handling your health then you aggravate the onset of discomfort.

If the more severe the disease could undermine even the majority of your body scarred from being very rotten. But before you find out more about what triggers the disease of sugar in our body.

Frequent tingling

Tingling may occur on the head, hands and feet may even occur in the whole body. Symptoms often tingling usually referred to by neuropathy. The occurrence of tingling for sufferers because of rising levels of sugar in the blood and damage because it happened the existence of a narrowing of the nerve in the body. Is not to occur any damage to the nerves that easily spread to other parts of your body.

Often feel thirsty

If insulin is present in the body is not able to suffice, then the kidney function is not working properly, which in turn will ease you are too frequent urination. The occurrence of these things that will make you feel thirsty more often because of the destruction of the glucose present in the body. In this destruction process could inhibit the siphoning of water present in the blood.

Impaired vision

The high on your blood sugar levels which can trigger the increase in the fluid present in the tissue within the body including the lens of your eye. disruption of the patient’s disease These sugars may experience a disruption in your vision so that the experience blurriness or even blindness.

In patients with diabetes who are at risk lightly, then one would not experience a disruption in sight, but if you do not take precautions quickly it will damage the eye tissue you simply trigger the risk of loss in your eyesight function.

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