Sledgehammer Games Will Handle COD “Next-gen” This year?

Rotation, this is the keyword which allows Activision to continue to gain money from its flagship FPS franchise – Call of Duty. Not only was developed by Infinity Ward who managed to give birth to a new trend through Modern Warfare, Call of Duty was also addressed by other developers such Treyach example. Interestingly, every developer is trusted to deliver a “universe” that usually pivot on the characters and story are different. Apart from the sense of monotony and negative reaction surrounding gamers, Call of Duty still able to prove itself as a franchise that can not be underestimated. And as in previous years, this trend will also continue in 2014.


With the popularity of next-gen platform that will increase in 2014 is, of course, be interesting to see what the latest Call of Duty will be presented later. Although Activision has not confirmed or any details, but the information spread in cyberspace began to show some bright spots. After Ghosts Infinity Ward who gave birth last year, Call of Duty “next-gen” for 2014 seem to be handled by GTA 5 Games.
Sledgehammer Games opened 10 vacancies for project outwardly they call “Call of Duty next-gen”. Does this mean that Sledgehammer will take full responsibility for COD 2014?

Developers who contributed in the development of Modern Warfare 3 has just launched more than 10 jobs, mostly related to military equipment. In each of these vacancies, Sledgehammer clearly wrote that this work will be in touch with the latest generation of Call of Duty. Unclear whether this project will also be addressed along with other builders such as Treyach or not click here to get GTA 5 hack.

Modern Warfare 4? Black Ops 3? Or a series of Call of Duty’s new? One is for sure, hopefully taste this new COD is truly able to represent a new generation of gaming, especially on the engine side is carried. How about you? Call of Duty series as what you most want in 2014?

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