Nintendo Introduces New Handheld – Nintendo 2DS!

Grow and develop since the birth of the gaming industry, Nintendo is no longer just a company renowned developer and publisher of Japanese origin, but emerged as an integral part of the identity. Through their cold hands, iconic franchises and innovations in the hardware side of birth. Despite struggling with the conditions of the sale of the latest console – the Nintendo Wii U is struggling to continue to exist, Nintendo still dominates the handheld market with the Nintendo 3DS position grew stronger. So how Nintendo strategy in the future? The big surprise, they are introducing a new handheld – Nintendo 2DS!


2DS names carried by this latest handheld appears to be sufficient to describe what is being sold by Nintendo. Absolutely, this device is actually a Nintendo 3DS without 3D capabilities. But instead of selling it to the format of the same shape, Nintendo 2DS comes with a new design that leaves its unique clamshell shape. No longer can be folded, 2DS still comes with two screens and all the standard functions offered by the 3DS and visit

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