Erectile Dysfunction in Men

Erectile dysfunction often we hear and read in the literature or paper about male sexual health. The simplest meaning of Erectile Dysfunction is Not Functioning of the male penis as it should be with a variety of causes that accompany it. Dysfunction (Not Working) Erection (term for penis in a state of tension). The condition of Erectile Dysfunction in men can occur in all men with different causes. Here we will explain what it is Erectile Dysfunction and what are the barriers to lower the quality of the erection of the penis of men who disrupt the activities undertaken intimate relationship with a partner.


Sexual function in his vital organs is a complicated function because it involves a lot of cooperation from the system in the body, from the nervous system, the sex hormones to the sexual organs that normally require harmonization in order to produce optimal quality of erection. One of the issues that arise in any of these systems will cause sexual problems such as erectile dysfunction in men vital tool and visit .

Sexual harassment or also called sexual dysfunction is not functioning normally one or several systems in the body that cause dissatisfaction when the sexual activity, either his own or with a partner, where such dissatisfaction can reduce quality of life is concerned, and could be the cause of disharmony in the household.

Sexual harassment is generally caused by two things namely the physical and psychological. Physical causes of sexual disorders that are caused due to diseases (diabetes and hypertension and coronary artery disease), both inherited disease is permanent and non-permanent illness, which usually resolves after treatment.

Sex causes psychological disorders are disorders caused by psychological factors such as anxiety, fear, depression, stress or even fear of failure that causes sexual performance decreases dramatically. Handling this type of sexual disorder do with counseling on sex therapist and the possible consumption of some types of sedatives (anti-depressant).

In the medical world, known four types of sexual problems are most often experienced by men, the disorder of libido, erectile dysfunction, impaired orgasm and ejaculation disorders. Here is an explanation of each of the sexual disorders in men.

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