EA Get Exclusive Rights to Game Star Wars Franchise

Sad and angry, it may be two emotions that could represent the feelings of most gamers when faced with the consequences of the acquisition of Disney to Lucasfilm. Had assured that this acquisition will have no effect on the process of developing games that are being handled by LucasArts, Disney studio actually close this up. The future of the core game Star Wars franchise in limbo, especially after Disney declared that they will be more focus on developing mobile games. Fortunately, hope to re-sample the heavy games Star Wars does not necessarily disappear just like that. All thanks to the intervention of Electronic Arts.


As one of the largest publishers in the gaming industry, the popularity and fan base Star Was great in the eyes of potential seems EA. Through an official announcement which he launched today, EA confirmed that they have secured the exclusive license authorized to release and develop games Star Wars “heavy” in the future. No kidding, they’ve even commissioned this latest project into the hands of developers flagship. DICE (Battlefield) and Visceral Games (Dead Space) will be required to develop the latest series, while Bioware (Mass Effect) will continue with the project Star Wars game that had spawned them. EA assured that the latest series will present the story and original gameplay, although still rooted in the Star Wars universe itself and get madden nfl mobile cheats.
After adrift without clarity, the exclusive rights of the release and development of core games Star Wars finally fell into the hands of EA. No kidding, EA itself has commissioned three major developer: DICE, Visceral, and Bioware to deal with this new project.

Does this mean that EA will continue the existence of the Star Wars 1313? EA still has not give any official comments related to next-gen game that is rumored to have been canceled. One thing is certain, the news EA exclusive rights to the game Star Wars has become one of the few good news that came from the mouth of EA lately, especially for fans of Star Wars who was frustrated because of the attitude of the previous Disney. DICE, Bioware and Visceral?

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