Differences Yoga and Other Sports

The advantages of yoga that no other exercise is yoga have a positive impact not only to the physical aspect but also to the mental and emotional aspects. Everything is driven in a ‘dance’ that is in harmony. The harmony and balance of all these aspects that generate positive effects in treating the health of the body and is therapeutic in addressing the weaknesses of the body due to human error (read: disease).


The next yoga excellence is the firm but gentle movements of yoga. If the muscles are contracted the deposit of sugar in the body will turn into lactic acid and energy arises tambahan.Dalam tough sport, fast, and sporadic such as aerobics, lungs work faster to get enough oxygen to meet the needs of the muscle, but if done too louder then a deep breath and fast though unable to meet the body’s need for oxygen, as a result of lactic acid will increase and accumulate in the muscles. Muscle fatigue which can lead to muscle spasms (cramps). The opposite happens in yoga and visit yoga burn book review here.

Although subtle, yoga movements are done gradually provide the same benefits to the movements hard and fast from other forms of body work but not followed by the buildup of lactic acid in the muscles which can result in fatigue. Besides yoga do not give undue stress on the heart and nervous system as if the body caused by the other.

After reading the above description, do you think hatha yoga is the best of shape if the other body? According to the authors, all forms of body work is good. Each brings a positive effect on the health of the human body and they have their own advantages. Comparison of the authors describe is not to find which one is best, but to see the advantages of each form of body work (in this case is to show the advantages of yoga). Obviously that yoga brings many benefits for health, but humans choose the form of exercise that match your interests / tastes. Each person needs a different container in order to express his body, emotions, mind. Anyone want to ‘sculpt’ the body beautiful as possible, there are going to shrink the stomach alone, there were only want to sweat and get a sense of ‘well being’ and those who want to get physical and spiritual health. They all die back to an individual.

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