EA announces Madden Mobile 2017

EA’s name means talking about one of the most phenomenal mobile games over the last decade – Madden Mobile. The war against the green pigs have indeed become one of the most downloaded mobile games over the last few years, success has also continued catapulted EA name in the gaming industry. Unfortunately, EA as if trapped in a deadlock idea to give birth to a new franchise, regardless of the variety of themes and gameplay innovations that they offer. This trend does not seem to be easily worn with the introduction of the new series – Madden Mobile Go and visit on madden-mobile-hacks


Not only Madden Mobile , which will soon go on sale, EA also confirmed the presence of a new series – Madden Mobile Go! But unlike the previous series that brought the genre puzzle that asks you to destroy a building with a large slingshot, Madden Mobile Go! offered as a kart racing game. There are no details at all, but EA promised more information in the near future.

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Nintendo Introduces New Handheld – Nintendo 2DS!

Grow and develop since the birth of the gaming industry, Nintendo is no longer just a company renowned developer and publisher of Japanese origin, but emerged as an integral part of the identity. Through their cold hands, iconic franchises and innovations in the hardware side of birth. Despite struggling with the conditions of the sale of the latest console – the Nintendo Wii U is struggling to continue to exist, Nintendo still dominates the handheld market with the Nintendo 3DS position grew stronger. So how Nintendo strategy in the future? The big surprise, they are introducing a new handheld – Nintendo 2DS!


2DS names carried by this latest handheld appears to be sufficient to describe what is being sold by Nintendo. Absolutely, this device is actually a Nintendo 3DS without 3D capabilities. But instead of selling it to the format of the same shape, Nintendo 2DS comes with a new design that leaves its unique clamshell shape. No longer can be folded, 2DS still comes with two screens and all the standard functions offered by the 3DS and visit http://www.gamezhacktool.com.

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Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle Presents Latest Gameplay Trailer

Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle, most of the fans of the genre strategy gamer would not be familiar with the name of this one. Unlike the Red Alert series that seem more “cartoon”, Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle cheats android offers an experience that is much more realistic through its unique approach. Massive battle destructive nan would be no longer an integral part and EA understand the potential that can be extracted from the series with a comparatively large fan base is. Briefly introduced as Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle 2 in the early emergence perdanannya, EA and DICE finally inject some fundamental changes in this highly anticipated series. Had sunk, EA finally show the latest progress Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle.


No more Generals 2, the game is introduced by only bears the name “Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle” and offered as a free to play game for the PC as a primary platform. After being submerged, EA finally shows progress the development of this one series through the latest gameplay trailer which retains the sensation of Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle as we know it. The battle between various factions of the special units are present each passing increasingly dazzling new engine into a power of dance that is hard to resist. The good news? EA has finally opened the registration period closed beta for Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle.

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EA Get Exclusive Rights to Game Star Wars Franchise

Sad and angry, it may be two emotions that could represent the feelings of most gamers when faced with the consequences of the acquisition of Disney to Lucasfilm. Had assured that this acquisition will have no effect on the process of developing games that are being handled by LucasArts, Disney studio actually close this up. The future of the core game Star Wars franchise in limbo, especially after Disney declared that they will be more focus on developing mobile games. Fortunately, hope to re-sample the heavy games Star Wars does not necessarily disappear just like that. All thanks to the intervention of Electronic Arts.


As one of the largest publishers in the gaming industry, the popularity and fan base Star Was great in the eyes of potential seems EA. Through an official announcement which he launched today, EA confirmed that they have secured the exclusive license authorized to release and develop games Star Wars “heavy” in the future. No kidding, they’ve even commissioned this latest project into the hands of developers flagship. DICE (Battlefield) and Visceral Games (Dead Space) will be required to develop the latest series, while Bioware (Mass Effect) will continue with the project Star Wars game that had spawned them. EA assured that the latest series will present the story and original gameplay, although still rooted in the Star Wars universe itself and get madden nfl mobile cheats.
After adrift without clarity, the exclusive rights of the release and development of core games Star Wars finally fell into the hands of EA. No kidding, EA itself has commissioned three major developer: DICE, Visceral, and Bioware to deal with this new project.

Does this mean that EA will continue the existence of the Star Wars 1313? EA still has not give any official comments related to next-gen game that is rumored to have been canceled. One thing is certain, the news EA exclusive rights to the game Star Wars has become one of the few good news that came from the mouth of EA lately, especially for fans of Star Wars who was frustrated because of the attitude of the previous Disney. DICE, Bioware and Visceral?

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SimCity EA Admits That Actually Can Play Offline

Lies and more lies, it seems to be a perception that is built gamers to EA and Maxis lately. Login issues that make most gamers can not play SimCity was later led another catastrophe. A hacker managed to get into the debug mode there and prove that the game is claimed is not able to walk without DRM it can be played offline. Not only that, the recognition of one of the sources in Maxis also unmasked another lie. Maxis claim stating that DRM is required to run a variety of simulations to create a more dynamic environment for turned out to be just a mere gibberish. DRM is simply a mechanism cloud saving, and no more. Weakened and doubtful honesty, EA finally open your mouth and get clash royale gemmes gratuites.


In an open forum for the fans, Lucy Bradshaw of Maxis finally open up and answer some crucial questions and a variety of rumors about SimCity with all honesty. Faced with the question of whether SimCity can actually be played offline, Lucy finally admitted that they could build modes. But he reasoned that the policy actually DRM taken to facilitate the SimCity world that is designed to evolve, until the time is growing is like an MMO game. They could build an offline mode but it would be contrary to the vision of their major. Bradshaw also reasoned that they stick with DRM policy at the request of thousands of fans from various regions who saw it as the best way to exchange experiences and communicate.

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Mystery Assassin’s Creed: Rising Phoenix Revealed

The world’s eyes were glued to the possible presence of Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag recently announced. Project pirates who are also planned for the next-gen console is of course directly grow into one of the most anticipated games this year, especially with many of the claims that are injected into it. Not unexpectedly, it seems Ubisoft is preparing other projects that should still be secret. An official announcement is yet to be announced, but the virtual world has always had a way to explore a variety of information that is interesting for him. Identity and mystery to the name “Assassin’s Creed: Rising Phoenix” finally began to unfold and get clash royale astuce.


Unintentional information leaks, this seems to be the appropriate sentence to describe what is happening with Ubisoft’s latest project. Had suspected as the title for adaptation into Hollywood movies are being prepared, Assassin’s Creed: Rising Phoenix are likely to be exclusive Assassin’s Creed game for Sony’s latest handheld – the PS Vita. This was confirmed by a listing of one of the big Spanish retailers – XtraLife. In addition to writing a release for PS Vita, this listing also includes a release date – October 10, 2013 for her, three weeks before the release of Black Flag. No details available yet, but a new artwork showing two Templar people who were standing in a facility with a future setting.

With both games – Black Flag and Rising Phoenix equally make the Templars as a “focus” of the story, step Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed certainly provoke curiosity. What this means is going to be a sort of consolidation between the two parties have been warring over the centuries these, or both would invite another plot twist? Let’s wait until Ubisoft provides extra detail to both.

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FIFA 17 Reviews

“Frostbite will show authenticity, real action, bringing players new to the world of football, and introduces fans to the characters deeper and more emotional,” said David Rutter as executive producer of FIFA 17 as our reports from Gamespot.

“We have never been as happy as today when discussing the future of football and the experience we want to serve in FIFA 17.”


Further information on the FIFA 17 will be released by EA at the event in a pre E3 2016 on June 12, 2016. While the FIFA 17 itself will be released on September 27, 2016 and visit on http://fifa17hackz.com .

A number of soccer stars such as James Rodriguez (Real Madrid), Anthony Martial (Manchester United), Eden Hazard (Chelsea) and Marco Reus (Borussia Dortmund), which has appeared in the trailer above is called will influence great innovation in simulated action on the field later.

Is a step change in engine from EA Sports this the right move? We are still waiting for the answer. But while waiting, we’d better start saving because of all the Frostbite engine above explanation, we need a PC or console super sophisticated to enjoy it.

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“Sightings” New Silent Hill: Downpour

Silent Hill to be recognized is one of the best survival-horror franchise that had been born in the gaming industry, even to this day. Initial series Silent Hill was released on the Playstation first generation was gaining recognition as one of the scariest games ever created. Horror emerge from Konami’s ability to show the atmosphere of mystery and uncertainty by injecting mist in the game. When the franchise other competitors began to shift into an action game, Silent Hill may be quite inconsistent to move on the track. Even up to the latest series – Silent Hill Downpour will be released shortly.


Unlike the Silent Hill series in general, Downpour will also add the element of water and rain, fog and rust to generate more leverage horror experience. Some foreign media have gotten a preview of this game even dared to call Downpour as a series that will bring Silent Hill franchise back to its initial roots. Serve as Murphy, a prisoner poor lost in the fog of hell, you will once again be asked to face the fear of endless terror. To give some idea, the latest Downpour Konami gives the appearance through some screenshots and visit http://dragonballzdokkanbattleastuce.juallampuemergency.com/

Interference Vatra Games entrusted to handle Silent Hill for the first time would bring a bit of fresh air for the franchise that’s quite old age. Will they be able to meet the expectations of gamers? Or was he actually going to bring a big disappointment for gamers who have long anticipated? We had to wait patiently until next March 31, 2012 to be able to prove it.

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Diablo III will be released February 1?

Blizzard must be recognized is one of the major developers in the gaming industry that never fails to look stunning, both in terms of quality of games they produce or surprises “small” that they prepared. Of all the games that are being developed Blizzard, Diablo III might be the most anticipated. It does not count how long gamers waiting for the latest series of RPG franchise phenomenal. After being set to be released in late 2011 ago, Diablo III was again delayed for no apparent reason. Gamers may have started pessimistic to see this game will be released in the future. If you are one of them, hold your desperation. Why? Since you’re probably going to see Diablo III in the near future!


As first reported by the gaming site – Joystiq, some of the biggest gaming stores in the United States and Britain was already preparing to welcome the presence of the mysterious Diablo III. Best Buy stores are located in Rochester – Minnesota, the United States has even put up a big banner with coutdown timer and receive pre-order Diablo III is claimed to be released on 1st February. In the UK, renowned game Gameplay store is also doing the same thing and set a date of February 3 as the official release date for Europe. Unfortunately, Blizzard has yet to make any comment on “rumors” on this one. It really sounded like the fact that too good to be truth. February 1? It means living a matter of weeks and visit clash of clans hack !

All gamers around the world certainly hope that these banners be an early sign that is valid and reliable for the existence of Diablo III in the near future. Habits Generally, a store would only dare to advertise as clearly as if they already have the certainty of the game developers. There is a possibility of Blizzard inform in advance to the big game retailer network to provide little effect “Shock and Awe”. Will we see Diablo III at the beginning of next February? Or Best Buy and Gameplay misinformed? Whatever it is, hopefully, February 1 and February 3 in question is not for 2013. Fingers crossed ..

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PC Gamers Want Dark Souls

Online petition to bring the action-role playing game popular from From Software and Namco Bandai Games, Dark Souls, to the PC platform has finally appeared! Thousands of people have signed the petition and expressed their support for the presence of the game on the PC platform.

Less than 24 hours after it is published, an online petition was made on January 6, 2012 ago has received the support of about 25 thousand people. This shows how high the PC gamer desire to try to play the game in their favorite PC. Unfortunately, the Namco Bandai Games has not issued an official response to the petition them and visit  clashofclanshackxx.com.


Making an online petition to bring Dark Souls to PC turns triggered by post in the forum belongs to Namco Bandai Games made by one of their admin. In the post, admin with ID “shoupinou” explains that Dark Souls is not built purely for the console, so that the PC version of the game is not closed to be released. In addition, the admin also advises fans who want the presence of Dark Souls game on PC to create garner support in the form of a petition.

Dark Souls is indeed get a wide range of positive ratings of the various media game around the world. Game that was released in September 2011 and also secured numerous awards in various awards game. Unfortunately, PC gamers can not feel sensations such games as Namco Bandai Games did not release it on PC. Hopefully, with the advent of the furor caused by the online petition, Namco Bandai Games would bring the game on PC.

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