SimCity EA Admits That Actually Can Play Offline

Lies and more lies, it seems to be a perception that is built gamers to EA and Maxis lately. Login issues that make most gamers can not play SimCity was later led another catastrophe. A hacker managed to get into the debug mode there and prove that the game is claimed is not able to walk without DRM it can be played offline. Not only that, the recognition of one of the sources in Maxis also unmasked another lie. Maxis claim stating that DRM is required to run a variety of simulations to create a more dynamic environment for turned out to be just a mere gibberish. DRM is simply a mechanism cloud saving, and no more. Weakened and doubtful honesty, EA finally open your mouth and get clash royale gemmes gratuites.


In an open forum for the fans, Lucy Bradshaw of Maxis finally open up and answer some crucial questions and a variety of rumors about SimCity with all honesty. Faced with the question of whether SimCity can actually be played offline, Lucy finally admitted that they could build modes. But he reasoned that the policy actually DRM taken to facilitate the SimCity world that is designed to evolve, until the time is growing is like an MMO game. They could build an offline mode but it would be contrary to the vision of their major. Bradshaw also reasoned that they stick with DRM policy at the request of thousands of fans from various regions who saw it as the best way to exchange experiences and communicate.

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Mystery Assassin’s Creed: Rising Phoenix Revealed

The world’s eyes were glued to the possible presence of Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag recently announced. Project pirates who are also planned for the next-gen console is of course directly grow into one of the most anticipated games this year, especially with many of the claims that are injected into it. Not unexpectedly, it seems Ubisoft is preparing other projects that should still be secret. An official announcement is yet to be announced, but the virtual world has always had a way to explore a variety of information that is interesting for him. Identity and mystery to the name “Assassin’s Creed: Rising Phoenix” finally began to unfold and get clash royale astuce.


Unintentional information leaks, this seems to be the appropriate sentence to describe what is happening with Ubisoft’s latest project. Had suspected as the title for adaptation into Hollywood movies are being prepared, Assassin’s Creed: Rising Phoenix are likely to be exclusive Assassin’s Creed game for Sony’s latest handheld – the PS Vita. This was confirmed by a listing of one of the big Spanish retailers – XtraLife. In addition to writing a release for PS Vita, this listing also includes a release date – October 10, 2013 for her, three weeks before the release of Black Flag. No details available yet, but a new artwork showing two Templar people who were standing in a facility with a future setting.

With both games – Black Flag and Rising Phoenix equally make the Templars as a “focus” of the story, step Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed certainly provoke curiosity. What this means is going to be a sort of consolidation between the two parties have been warring over the centuries these, or both would invite another plot twist? Let’s wait until Ubisoft provides extra detail to both.

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